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Flipsakes, typepad is hard to get working in Chrome. Please can you get a proper comment-posting system??

Do we really try and walk path?

I don't think you can try and walk path. Path just happens. I look at my spiritual past where I've been a brethren, an evangelical, an evangelical who got pissed-off with not knowing anyone in the church and the pastor being a rank hypocrite, an evo-anglican (Church of England) where I was very welcome and able to be useful, an Episcopalian (where I discovered liberal theology and ways in which others have actually engaged braincells) and now I have half an allegiance to a presbyterian church which is actually running the _Living the Questions_ course as an investigation into progressive Christianity. It's when I look back on that that I see path, so I'm aware of it, but I won't try to force it as time goes on.

Do we really believe that our path is about change and transformation? Do we think “our way” will actually lead to an experience of the Sacred or the Divine?

I think so. I've seen path-ness since the get-go, perhaps; the phrase "becoming more Christlike" has been with me since earliest days, for example.

I'm not sure there is an "our way" other than we are the people who see many ways.

Experience, even of the Divine, also, happens. It's an ongoing unpredictable thing, not an ultimate one-event goal, not even a short-term event/goal to aspire to.

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