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April 19, 2005


Chuck Watts

The Rockridge Institute is a non-partisan, non-profit, think tank focused on the reframing of progressive ideas & values. Their staff is made up of cognitive scientists and linguists. It seems to me that progressive Christians and progressive scientists would do well to get together. When I go to the Rockridge website, their menu of items include a whole list of subjects, except, oddly enough, religion. Their website is http://www.rockridgeinstitute.org. Check it out.


Rev. Daniel Schultz has started The 'Affirmation Project' so religious liberals, progressives, and democrats can express their faith and religious devotion to God so as to contradict the republican claims of our ‘godlessness.’ Please, see http://www.faithforward.blogspot.com/ to see the gathering of affirmations or to leave an affirmation of your own.


Ahhhhhhhhh, Art. I'm irked constantly by the greanel public's inability to value any art post-1945 or mention any female artists other than the big three: Cassatt, Kahlo, and O'Keeffe. If I see one more Starry Night, I just might loose my lunch. But, I have to remember that I daily, hourly, minutely engage art and absolutely love weird art like Jill Foley's creatures and caves and Tom Friedman's hair-based sculptures. And as an art educator, I have to remember most folks won't grow past a 10 year-old's dawning realism art development. So where does that leave me?Well, I indoctrinate all my 1403 students to reach out and enjoy awkward, weird art. Even gross art. Instead of running from depictions of zombies or poop-mobiles, we talk about why the artist (the kiddos in this case) chose to draw what they did. And if they can defend it, by all means, let the poop-mobile ride!! In learning about art, we can't ignore the Western tradition of beautiful art (or Gardner's list of Who's Who in the art world), but we can add to that list non-Western art, post War art, feminist art, and shock of all shocks, artists that are currently making work, i.e. the contemporaries.I always think of Asher's mother (of Potok's My Name is Asher Lev ) constantly asking, pleading for Asher to make pretty art, beautiful art. But in always wanting art to be beautiful, peaceful, or in the background, you're really asking art to not really say anything. Don't challenge me. Don't make me uncomfortable. Don't ask me to think. Christians for SURE need to be educated in contemporary art, because how can we have a legitimate push back against art like Serrano's Piss Christ or other not-friendly-to-Christianity works when we have no words, no context, no insight into art? Or no artists that can create Christian art that doesn't actually include representational imagery of Christ? Without knowledge of the nuances of conceptual art or artists outside of Thomas Kinkade, we become irrelevant in the dialogue and closed off from a whole population of people needing to be engaged by the body of Christ.


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