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July 15, 2005


Kirk Hansen

The Catholic Church's teaching on evolution is clear and consistent. It is only the media that distorts it


If I were to try to drastically suimramze my spirituality (which is very hard to do), it would probably look something like this:1. Because I believe there is a Creator who created all of this for himself, my life should be lived fully for Him and no one else, not even myself.2. Instead, I regularly choose my own desires at His expense.3. This has put me at odds with my Creator, especially because I believe He has revealed His will for my life explicitly through His interactions with humanity, along with the clear consequences for disobeying His will. The Christian Bible is the faithful documentation of all of this throughout the ages up until the time period God provided humanity a way of freedom from the consequences.4. In this age of history we currently live in, God has provided a way for us to resubmit ourselves to God. This is God's only way, and that way is also spelled out in the Christian Bible. This isn't a right of ours, but a privilege God has graciously chosen to offer us. All other attempts at making things right between us and the Creator are merely human attempts, as noble as they may seem to us. We must do this God's way, or we really haven't come to the place of acknowledging our place in the universe.5. We can either take advantage of this opportunity and return to our rightful place in God's creation, or God will be left with no choice but to permanently remove us from His creation, since we will have chosen to have no part in His colossal renewal of creation.OK, so that's my initial attempt to suimramze. In some ways, it's too long in other ways, it's oversimplified.

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