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July 06, 2005



I have been posting this (where I have been able)as it seems hilhgy likley, share it with your friends. . .Kim Petras, Petras=Stone=Philosophors Stone=Alchemical Transformation, i.e. Androgeny. The Stone that fell from Heaven cult of the Pervert Heliogabalus (please refer to him/her @ Wikipedia) From the time that it announced its sex change surgery (nov 1st, near enough to All Souls/Saints) + 1290 days will bring us nigh unto the Midsummer Festival 2012. A literal Sacrifice to the Pagan Sun King, 2,000,000,000 human lives, (possibly California too?) The Christian pente's and fundie's are expecting a big man of war to sit down in the rebuilt temple that nobody is going to build. Who says the Abomination that maketh Desolate cant literally be! an Abomination that maketh Desolate ??? Hmmm. Even the Bibble Bibble Bible calls it an it! All these Pathetic Dispensational charts of the Ages the Bible Buffs paw over, when Jsss just said use your fuckin Nous i.e. intuition. Trying to turn their Eschatology into an exact Science just like so many Kabbalists Zoharists and Pharisees, have literally becomen the blind leading the blind and they will have deserved it too. They Kindled the sparks, they shall Lay their heads down in sorrow (Isiah) They, i.e. the Christian Right, ave cooked this up themselves and fed it to the Liberal Left much like a computer virus, and they just accepted it like a silly little child taking candy from a baby (or is it a cock in this case , ha ha ha) Yuo know, I think if it hadn't been for 911 and all the ensuing torrential Phenomena we have been deliberatley bombarded with for the last ten years ( Tavistocks theory of turbulence in action) that perhaps people would have had the heart to stand up together and say NO! but they all have become as one conspiring Psychopath or Criminaloid and ave gotten rotten drunk on the strong wine of delusion and a John Kramer style trap i.e. Snare if you will has caught all the nations (i.e. Awdawms chillin, not the Muds they will be a big part of the 2,000,000,000) and there is now as of this writing about 178 days left until the 1290 terminates and the 1335 begins and the non Psychopathic non Criminaloid element of the population gets rounded up and probably experimented on but i hope just executedDid you know that the sex change operation was pioneered in the U.S.S.R. for Psychopolitical purposes , and was perfected in Nazi Germany by. . .Yes you geussed it !!Joseph Mengele. Kim petras was born a girl by the way, her family is a Gladio sleeper family, i.e. Super secret NATO shit. They are going to help give us Theocracy by using Mass Psychiatry, and reverse Psychology all rolled into one. Do you feel a bit childish supporting Childrens Endricronology ? These units built on to major Hospitals is like something out of Sigourney Weaver Aliens to me and All them Jews, Er I Mean Witches dont I ? was a really nice touch. This is what Jews that host conspiracy websites call Straussian Provocation

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