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February 16, 2007


Peter W. Peters


A thoughtfull piece and one whose sentiments I agree with. But surely the problem is larger than Presidents' Day? War heroes have been a part of most "civilizations". One might almost say it is endemic to our species. Like all symbols, Washington and Lincoln, have transcended their history and speak of yearnings that are larger than their historical failings. Sometimes when I read Isaiah and the militaristic images of the God who is coming to save I cringe at the imagery. But then I see woven in the tapestry the hope for swords to be beaten into plowshares. It is not the "war presidents" we need to speak against, but the jingoism of how we remember them. What of the desire for national heroes who at times brought us a greater vision of what we could be?


doesn't this at least imply that one is a choosing a rlgieion that is closest to what they think they want?other than that most religious have at least SOME loss of choice once you enter. its why i stopped trying to be Wiccan (i wanted to have other people to worship with on a regular basis, if there is one thing i actually envy Christians its Fellowship. yes, i have quite few family members who are ban-draoi, but most are in either CA or OK, and they are family. not the same, somehow)i am used to the rules of my rlgieion, and i think that they are as perfect and flexabil (for me) as any religious rule could be. i am pretty sure that a LOT of that is because i was raised with it. my spasms of rebellion, of which i only had a couple, were when i tried twice to be Christian (and both times out of anger because of the pain i was in). not only could i not understand the rules of Christianity (which are NOT the rules in the Bible, note) but i thought they were petty and too involved in punishing women for being women.i couldn't live that way. most of the rules i have, religiously, revolve around how to treat people. the only thing about what i wear, or what i do, is don't try to be something you are not) (wearing things don't dress punk rock if you don't like punk rock but are trying to impression some, say) and the other is don't abuse your body which doesn't mean no drinking or drugs (well some think it does, but i wasn't taught it that way) its don't ABUSE drink or drugs. plus, taking too many drinks or drugs makes you not be yourself a in a lot of ways. plus, alcohal makes me hurt more and frankly, there isn't a street drug on the planet that doesn't scare the shit out of me (even pot will kill me. and i am TERRIFIED of the hard drugs)a lot of the point for most religious (now, at least) is giving your life to God which, yeah, does pretty much seem like voluntary slavery in the same way you VOLUNTARILY sleep with the man who tells you if you don't quitely have sex with him he will kill you. if you don't follow the rules of the church you will burn in Hellfire. forever.sounds like cohersion to *ME*, na da?

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