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January 13, 2009


Charley Musselman

Jim writes, "God is also the "You" to whom they give thanks as a way of reminding themselves that all the good coming their way is largely the result of random luck."

I find I need an object of my gratitude. God is necessary for this.


, Many people are wiorred about the effect of UNRIGHTEOUSNESS in the church. But the fact is that it isn't unrighteousness, but SELF righteousness that presents the greatest threat . It's true. When we look at someone's UNrighteousness, we can get SELF righteous and forget about our common need of CHRIST'S righteousness! What a vicious cycle! But what does this have to do with sonship? Well, sonship begins, in part, by realizing our love and acceptance from the Father is not based on OUR righteousness. As a result, it becomes more difficult to condemn others (in our self-righteousness) for THEIR unrighteousness. We no longer focus on what others DON'T have, but now we want to tell them what they ALREADY have as sons and daughters of God! We want to show them that they can rest in the ALREADINESS of Jesus Christ! True, full assurance of sonship will help demolish the stronghold of self righteousness that plagues the church.

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