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Hasn't the Holy Spirit been the name for the indwelling of God for centuries?

I feel like there is a lot of growth potential in the idea of being called by the spirit of God to try to reflect God's glory. I realize that is probably different language than you would use, but it doesn't mean it is something lesser.

Yes, I think we are saying the same thing! One might call it the Holy Spirt, or inner goddess, or inner wisdom, the spirit of God, or simply the way, the truth, whatever! I personally think that everyone is called in a different way to find a path of compassion. Language helps us communicate with each other, to teach each other, to love each other. But just as often, we use it to divide, to misunderstand, to hate. That is what saddens me the most- religion in the form of words being used to put down others, to start wars, to separate. To me being called by the spirit of God to reflect God's glory happens when a child loves without bar, when Spring emerges out of the death of nature, when I have a moment of clarity and I see how blessed I am, when I am able to look at someone without judgment or fear. When for those brief moments in time I am able to be still and quiet and aware that I have everything I need is already there. To me there really is no lesser way to say it all unless the way you are saying it excludes other ways to describe or experience that Glory.

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