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You certainly ask some good questions here, Fred, and I appreciate the humbleness to say that the progressive movement is an experiment. Unlike many traditional churches, we don't necessarily make the claim that we stand on the shoulders of the apostlew and that the gates of hell will not prevail against us. :) But then, doesn't real life start out fragile and iffy?

Something you wrote jarred me inside and I simply want to ask another question: whether or not Progressive Christianity survives as churches, is it possible that it could still survive as what you call "spiritual communities"?

We would all like to think that all churches are spiritual communities. While there are certainly alot of good churches, your article highlights the point that people can come and go "to church" and remain uncommitted to each other. Is it possible that what we now call "progressive churches" are more like wombs for future progressive communities that encompass more than just the religious?

I like that the progressive movement is called a movement. Movement, to me, implies life. I recall reading somewhere that if a shark stops moving and swimming, it will die. While I don't think a shark is a good analogy for the progressive Christian movement, I do think that a similar principle might apply. Many of our churches either focus on the past or on maintaining some sort of present. Their goal is often to support their own institution, sometimes at the expense of their own people and the communities where they are found.

To be progressive means to look to the future and to desire to move there. Maybe the best way for the movement to survive is to keep on moving, to keep on focusing on life-affirming and life-sustaining issues? Maybe progressive Christianity will only continue if, in an ironic twist, it doesn't strive to shore up its own existence, but exists to make our world a better place?

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