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Wow! What a beautiful piece of writing! Reminds me of some of those crazy futuristic movies or books. Like "The Road"...
I certainly hope that this is not what the future holds. I see quite a different future- one where the spirituality of humans grows and faith traditions are upheld as valuable foundations but are also more malleable and able to be questioned. I see less dogma and more emphasis on where different religions overlap. Of course, I tend to be pretty optimistic. I also see the potential for the extremes to be even more extreme- but I think people's awareness- of god within everything and everyone- is growing and leading us toward a growing number of people that are looking for spiritual communities, compassionate leaders, justice, and a symbiotic relationship with the earth.
Besides, Christianity has survived 2000 years...I think it will last another 100 at least- that's if we do.
Having said that- if I were that person in your story- I would shout my faith from the mountain tops and tell everyone I know about this amazing man that also felt very alone in his faith, that tried to change the world he lived in, who ignored all of societies judgments and was true to himself. He came to understand that God- or Alaha (sacred unity, oneness, ultimate potential)- was within everyone and everything. That in each moment anyone- no matter their class, race, religion, or gender- could experience the kingdom God. That was something he couldn't help but share with his world. And I hope I would have the courage to do the same.

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