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I'm fed up with the sociological "theology" that only cares when objects ~1.5m tall on this planet bash each other with rocks. Show me theologies of cosmology and subatomic physics please.

I mean it; next time you're in church, ask yourself what the scope of the religion, or most people's understanding of it, is. Our bible presents stories of people (1.5m-tall objects) in a small subset of the planet (the middle-East) (and 1900-2500 years ago, at that), doing human-interest things to each other. From this we draw a theology ego-centred on social interaction. Where this text says anything about the cosmos, it is mostly to stake a claim "our tribal god made it" (think Gen.1, Job, Ps.8:4), which brings it back down to the scale of "our tribe".
If you have a confession and absolution, what kind of acts do consider when you confess? Is it how you barged the neighbours' kid, or how you sat on their gerbil, or ... how much refuse goes in landfill? Or even, how much uranium is left in the earth's crust?

As I was drinking my after workout coffee today, the fellow next to me asked what church I attended. I told him the UU church. Somehow we got to the place where he was telling me what it took to be a Christian and when he got to the place where he was claiming the Roman Catholicism was not a Christian faith I left.

It would help if someone could define Christianity. Until then it is up to each of us to decide, then declare our position. For me, all you need say is, "I am a Christian."

As for progressive Christianity, I am pleased to see Lloyd Geering mentioned, but I wonder whether he calls himself a Christian these days. I presented an overview of his latest, Coming Back to Earth, at our UU round table several weeks ago. It was heartily received by members of every stripe, including atheists.

When considering the path progressive Christians are on it may be helpful to consider the works of Joseph Campbell as well, especially the latest offering, Pathways to Bliss.

For the record, I am an avowed Methodist, but my interpretation of Wesley's methodism are in misalignment with our local Methodist Churches, hence my UU affiliation. Of course, Wesley was never a Methodist, nor Jesus a Christian, so I feel secure practicing Methodism ehwre I am.

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