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Really enjoyed this blog post. This piece really spoke to my heart. The success of western materialism and reductionism caused us to often confuse methodology with ontology. The result is a nihilistic universe filled only with pitiless indifference. The good news is philosophy and science are gradually moving out of that outdated mindset with the increased recognition of its limitations. Thomas Kuhn helped us realize that even science itself is not as objective as we think it is. Without subjectivity, nothing is possible, not even science. Without a sense of mystery, awe and respect for the natural world, science would have never emerged as a discipline. There is indeed something intrinsic to reality that no one can put into words. Perhaps, that is why Paul Tillich chose the phrase 'ground of being' or 'being itself' and Whitehead the word 'creativity' to account for the world we experience as living, thinking beings. Thank you for this post again.

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